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Thank you for participating as a reviewer in our Web Alignment Tool. Before you start using our online reviewing area, we strongly encourage you to first visit our Tutorial page. There you can find a tutorial on how to contribute standardized data to our system.

Your input of data consists of two parts: Part I and Part II.

In Part I, you are to work with other reviewers as a group to fill out the DOK levels (depth of knowledge level) of the standards. You will have to select the appropriate standards and discuss with other reviewers to reach a consensus of your DOK levels. Each group can only submit one consensus of the DOK levels of the specified standard.

In Part II, you will be working individually. You must have hard copy(s) of assessment(s) on hand to proceed. For each assessment, enter in the assessment's information, eg. Form, # of Items, etc. After you have provided those information for the assessment you are working with, fill in the DOK levels of each assessment item.

When you are finished, you may go to the Reports tab above to look at the group and/or individual statistical analysis based on the data that we collected.

If you are having questions as a group or individual, please feel free to send the appropriate person an e-mail in the Contact tab above.